Seriously Seductive Lipgloss – Charlotte Tilbury

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The Charlotte Tilbury lipstick and lipgloss range are a cult favourite for any makeup fanatic. I got mine directly from ‘Seduction’ was the lipgloss shade I opted for from the Lip Lustre collection. As the timeless rule goes, a girl should always have a go to nude shade!

Dani Rose - Close Up - Seductive Lipgloss

Compared to other nudes, the shade is a neutral beige shade with warm undertones and hues of coral. The application is beautifully creamy, giving the lips a smooth luxe vinyl finish. I can apply this lipgloss and feel like I have nothing on at all. The beauty of Charlotte Tilbury makeup is that it’s all so lightweight.

The case itself is a sturdy hexagonal shaped tube with the classic rose gold Charlotte Tilbury shade for the lid. The product has a luxurious feel with a rose gold stripe down the side and the CT stamp two thirds of the way down.  Its a good size that fits quite nicely into a purse or even just a back pocket.

‘Pillow Talk’

As far as cream based products go, it’s relatively long lasting and gives a beautiful finish. Usually staying on for a good three to four hours if you’re careful. The only downside it that eating and drinking takes off most of the product fairly quickly. I tend to combat this by applying it over a lipstick shade such as ‘Pillow Talk’, especially going from day to night.

Versatility is easily the best thing about this lipgloss. It’s one of the products that comes everywhere with me. The fact that it can be worn every day whilst still looking appropriate at special occasions is a winner. If you’re looking for a reliable lipgloss for any occasion, Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Seduction’ is a safe choice.

Naked Palette 3

This look was paired with the best selling Naked Palette 3 by Urban Decay. It so stunning with rose hued neutrals, shimmering metallics and gorgeous pearl shades.  This is one of my go to looks, fresh and flawless.

Dani Rose - Naked 3 Make Up Palette


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