Night Time Skincare Routine

Night time skincare routine

My day time routine in my previous post was quick and efficient, my night time one is slightly longer depending on how much make up I’m wearing that day.  I like to spend time with my skin as a little ritual while I get ready for bed. Having said that time isn’t always on my side and I’ve tried to find a beauty routine where less is more.  Too many active products in one go can cause irritation to the skin and be counterproductive.  A combination of products that you’re likely to stick to is best rather than looking at a shelf of eight items (yawn!).


I start by taking off the bulk of my eye makeup off with the Bi-Facil Make Up Remover by Lancome using a couple of cotton pads.  Letting the product soak into the skin and break down the heavier make up such as mascara.

I can’t stand cleansers that dry out the skin and make your eyes burn! So usually whilst I’m the shower I use Kheil’s Ultra Facial Cleanser.  I thought this product went quickly until I asked my husband what he wanted from the shops.  He said, ‘Can you grab more of that face wash?’  I guess sharing is caring and it seems we both love this!


Ultra-Facial Oil-Free Toner by Kiehl’s, my skin feels extra clean and fresh after using this product.  This is good if you have combination skin and want a toner that is gentle, this product is no fuss and effective.

Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil Free

Eye Cream

Dermalogica intensive eye repair comes in a tube so you can control the amount of product dispensed.  I find this product has a soothing effect and deeply hydrates. I apply it in light sweeping and patty motions being careful not to drag the skin around this delicate area.


During the summer I would stick to using the SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel like I do during my morning routine. Since the beginning of October however I’ve been using the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream, after receiving a sample. After the first try I used way too much and my face literally stuck to my pillow, I absolutely love it now. However, the negative reviews on this product are somewhat justified. Although the packaging looks beautiful it doesn’t come with a spatula which is a little annoying considering the hefty price tag. Once you get used to the very thick, balmy texture I think you’re on to a winner. The consistency takes some getting used to and it does sit heavily on the face.  You need to remember a little bit goes an extremely long way! and it took me a good few days to really figure out how much is needed.

This is the only cream that has truly hydrated a couple of small patches of stubborn dry skin I had on my forehead and jawline.  When I wake up my skin is plump, smooth and even.  It really helps to lock in moisture and my general complexion has been so much brighter in the mornings.  I really wish this came in a tube or a bottle with a pump, and although the smell is pleasant I find its too strong. Having said that, I will be repurchasing once this jar runs because the results have been impressive. - Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream


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