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My skin and skincare routine is possibly on of the most repeated requests from friends and people I meet. I would say that my skin is probably my favourite feature. I’ve always been normal-combination, However it’s definitely switched to a more solid combination since having children.  

So morning routine is.. well I’ve got to be honest. My morning consists of literally running around like a silent headless chicken getting the kids ready for school. We have to leave the house at 7.20am. Therefore I’m pretty ecstatic that I even get any product on my face at all! While my hair usually stays in the ponytail I’ve slept in. I apply these skincare products to my face:


Skinceuticals Phloretin CF is a powerful Vitamin C antioxidant Serum that delivers advanced environmental protection from free radicals and diminshes the appearance of fine lines and discolouration. The product is on the pricer side but a little goes a long way.  I squeeze three small drops to the palm of my hand, and with my finger tips pat the product into my face a neck.  The smell is definitely something desired, like an old fashioned medicine cabinet. However, this product has really worked for me, sinks into the skin really quickly, evens out skin tone and brightens up the skin.  I like to put this on and then go get me/kids ready, breakfast etc.


Hydrating B5 Gel Formulated with a rich dose of hyaluronic acid and tissue repairing B5, this gel is my favourite.  I place two drops directly onto the cheeks and from there pat the product evenly out onto the skin.  Adore the lightweight formula and find it really soothing and refreshing  on the skin.  

During the winer I use the Ultra Facial Moisturiser by Khiel’s.  I adore this product and have used it continuously for about three years.  It comes at a good price point for the 125ml of product.  The consistency feels rich but easily absorbed into the skin.   Im very lucky to see any sun during the winter so I don’t religiously use SPF for everyday. However there is usually some included in my make up. 


Skinceuticals Ultra Facial Defense is what I use during the summer and any holidays I go on.  I religiously use this SPF at the end of my skincare routine.  Its broad spectrum and has high protection but still lightweight.  Doesn’t clog the pores like other sun protections I have used before.  It also doesn’t give off any white flashback in photographs.  To save some money I try to wait until skinceuicals sell this together with the Phloretin CF.


Next week I will be updating my nighttime routine…



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  1. December 23, 2017 / 4:39 pm

    Thank you for sharing.😃 I like spf too. I used one before and my skin glowed that time. I’ll try the antioxidant one day.

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