Fitness Routine


Training Session

The other day I had a training session with my trainer Varuj. I try to train with him twice a week, then I will aim to fit in a Pilates session too. It’s not always easy with two children, school runs and their very active little social lives! This week is half term and my husband was home so I could go along to the gym.


I started with a 10-minute jog on the treadmill at 8.5kph, followed by:

  • Lunges holding 8kg kettlebell in each hand x18
  • Box Jumps x10
  • Abs – Sit up and throw w/ 4kg medicine ball x 20
  • Static sprint x 45secs
  • Full Push-ups x10
  • Abs – Russian Twist with 4kg medicine ball x20
  • Squats with shoulder press using a ViPR

I’m not sure how but I managed it but I completed four rounds of the circuit. It can be such hard work but I always feel great after I train.

Click here to view video: Workout Video