Dani Rose Life blog disclosure:

www.daniroselife.com – is first and foremost a beauty & fashion blog, consisting of personal views and thoughts of Dani Rose.

The aim will always be to provide unbiased content, but it must be disclosed that www.daniroselife.com may receive free/sample products from beauty/fashion brands that will sometimes be reviewed or discussed in various posts.

www.daniroselife.com may run advertisements on the site with regards to some of those products or companies that sell them, meaning compensation may be received.

Affiliates – www.daniroselife.com may be associated with certain affiliate programs. All thoughts/reviews are independent of any brands listed on the site. This may result in profit from links, banners, images provided on the site. These links will be clearly shown on any images provided.

  • What is an affiliate link? An affiliate link is a link to a website that has been encoded with a tracking cookie. What that cookie does is note if you make a purchase after you clicked on the link. The website the link takes you to keeps track of the amounts purchased, organised by the unique codes. www.daniroselife.com will then receive a commission for referring the sale.

Liability – Dani Rose is not currently a professional, but has worked in the industry including various modelling roles, with an overall broad interest in the topics covered in www.daniroselife.com.

The content on this blog should be seen as general opinions & topical information. Visitors must use the blog content at their own risk. In no way should the content/posts be seen as any kind of advice in regards to a professional stance, including nutritional, medical, legal or dermatological.

Reservation of rights – We reserve the right to change/alter sections of this blog at any time. The content/images may be adjusted or deleted at any time. Occasionally, models may be used to display various clothing.


If you have any questions about this disclosure or my product reviews then please contact us here:- info@daniroselife.com